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About Us

A Little Background:

The Fields family had just grown and we were excited! While watching little Maddex attempt to hold his bottle and struggle for his independence... light bulb! With the help of Nina Hodge-White, we had an idea for a product that would change lives. Knowing that bottle-propping is dangerous and that sometimes little ones want to do things themselves, but may not quite be ready, we came up with the Hands Off Baby Bottle Trainer. Finally, a safe product, that's doctor recommended and helps little ones learn to hold their bottle! 



Determined to help babies all over the world and to leave a legacy for generations to come, CEOs Nina White-Hodge and Alex Fields have invented a baby product that is doing just that.  Alex Fields, a gifted inventor saw an opportunity to help his young son with bottle feeding.  After doing much research on the dangers of bottle propping and after his wife strongly advised him against it, Alex set out to find an answer.  He contacted a young lady that he met on the plane during his travels.  Although they discussed many different talents that she had, Alex believed God told him to contact her and she would help... and he was right.  

Nina White-Hodge and Alex Fields formed Hodge and Fields Inc and began exploring different ideas to develop the perfect product to answer the need, thus the flagship product “The Hands Off Baby Bottle Trainer” was born.  

The Hands Off Baby Bottle Trainer didn’t just make life easier for parents, it increased hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and empowerment in babies.  It would not be long after that the product would be seen and become highly recommended by doctors. These two CEOs would start seeing the vision come to life and they would change bottle holding training forever!

If you know someone who could use one of our amazing trainers, please let them know about us.  We would love to put one in their hands!

Commit to making a difference!

Nina P White, JD, CEO and Alex Fields, CEO